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Users' and advertisers' needs are often thought to be diametrically opposed. This was quite an issue for us since, while creating and maintaining the site, we have never let our dedication to our users waver. Our visitors must come first, since it is only in the process of giving what's wanted to our community-members that we are able to enjoy such a high level of success and integrity. At the same time, we understand that without support from our advertisers would be less able to continue to grow and prosper.

The audience of is largely composed of childbearing women, new parents and childbirth educators and doulas. We also have a gathering of people concerned with preconceptional health. has obtained numerous awards from the web and recognition through articles, television shows, and features in magazines such as NewsWeek, iWorld, childbirth instructor, and many more.



In order to generate the highest click-through rate possible, the following policies have been instituted:

  • Banners are always visible below the image or title at the top of pages.
  • Banners can be up to 468x60 & animated banners can be accepted.
  • Our highly-trafficked Forum discussion boards now accept rotating banners.
Rate Card
Total Impressions
Total Cost
50,000 Impressions
$45 CPM
100,000 Impressions
$40 CPM
100,000+ Impressions
$30 CPM

Customized deals are always available!


All advertisers will be provided with online access to up to the minute statistics on impressions and click-throughs.


  • Format: Gif or JPEG Banners, animated accepted. HTML Banners also accepted. Java, Enliven, ShockWave, and other formats may be accepted, but can not be served by us.
  • Max Banner Size: Width=468 Height=60 Max File Size=15K
  • Multiple creatives are welcomed in order to test out effectiveness!


We want your banner to get the best possible results. is a visual location with a very specific look and feel and any banner design needs to visually integrate with this. The major visual motif of the Home Page is based around a white background with purple lettering. Other colors are permissible so long as they integrate with the page that they are designed to be on.

We plan on maintaining a superior image on our site, and this includes the quality of advertising banners at has the right to refuse any banners that do not integrate with the visual look and feel of the site as outlined above, as these have been found to alienate visitors, consequently resulting in a significant reduction in the number of page views.

When designing your banner content, try to ensure that you give the visitor a reason to click on your banner, otherwise your advertising is wasted. From our experience, the most effective way of doing this (apart from the usual "Free!" offers), is to ask a question that creates some kind of compelling mystery that cannot be answered unless they click on your banner.


All inquiries for banner advertising on should be sent to the Advertising Representative:

Contact: Bob Ballinger
Phone: (415) 221-4625


Banner ads are usually placed on a well-traveled page, such as Pregnancy, Labor, or Birth Stories. Before even considering placing a banner advertisement, it is imperative to affirm that the user demographics of the listing site correspond to the target audience you are trying to reach. A site such as has the advantage of containing many different pages within its site, each with its own respective audience. This gives advertisers the ability to either reach a very specific audience or a wide variety of potential clients. If properly run, a company can reap tremendous benefits with a banner advertising campaign. We realize that this, however, is no easy task.

Customized promotion and sponsorship programs as well as charter advertising and introductory test rates are available. Please inquire. We can design a progam to meet your specific needs.
We are glad that you are interested in advertising at our site. We have gone to great lengths to refine so that it meets the needs of our sponsors and at the same time maintains one of the highest levels of visitor satisfaction on the Web. We understand that if you don't receive results from your banner advertising campaign we lose a valuable sponsor.

Please contact our advertising representative to receive a customized banner advertising solution specifically designed to meet your needs.


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