Will your baby be a Girl or a Boy?

Fill out and submit this form based on Mom's answers and you'll know the sex of the baby she is going to have this pregnancy. If a question does not apply leave it blank. It will not affect the answer. You should also see: The Ultrasound Quiz for Girls and Boys

I am carrying the extra weight

Out front.

Around the hips and bottom.

The hair on my legs is growing

more quickly than before I got pregnant.

the same as before I got pregnant.

I am carrying my baby



I sleep in my bed with my pillow to the



My feet are

colder than before pregnancy.

the same as before.


refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread.

prefer the heel.

The Dad-to-be is

gaining weight right along with me.

is not gaining weight.

My mother's hair color is


not gray (natural or dyed).

I had morning sickness early in my pregnancy:



I am looking

particularly good during pregnancy.

not so good.

During pregnancy, my chest development has been

quite dramatic.

no too dramatic.

My age at the time of conception was:

Conception took place in the month of

Hang a thread with a needle over your belly. The thread moves

in circles.

from side to side.

My urine is a

bright neon yellow color.

dull yellow.

I have been craving


salty or sour food.

My nose has

spread during pregnancy.

stayed the same.

I have been craving

meats and cheese.


The baby's heart rate is

above 140 beats per minute.

140 or less.

Mom's feelings towards orange juice?

Doesn't like OJ.

Must have orange juice every day.

I am having headaches.



My abdomen looks like a:



If someone asks you to show them your hands, you:

Show them palm up.

Show them palm down.

How do you pick up a mug?


Body of the mug.