What Clients Say About Doulas

"The birth was a very intense experience for both Charlie and myself. Having you (a doula) present really gave us extra confidence and assurance that our birth plan would be followed as much as possible." -Rose, mother

"The doula really helped me focus on how to help my wife. She made my job a lot easier, and gave me great suggestions." -Kevin, father

"I really appreciate the way (the doula) was not opposed to trying different techniques, positions, etc. in labor and pushing, and backed up information from the hospital staff. It felt like more of a team with the coach." -Barbara, nurse

"My finacee and I both agree that without our doula's support we don't know if we could have done it. Her continuous support and knowledge were immensly helpful." -Nichole, mother

"The doula concentrated on the needs of the mother through an arduous labor and delivery." -Richard, doctor

"My doula was very helpful and stayed calm and relaxed to help me not get uncontrollable. I was having a really hard time. She really helped me get the kind of birth I wanted." -Jaqueline, mother

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