Weiss Family Birth Plan
October 1997

We are planning our second homebirth and have very few requests. Although we have learned that we do need to be clear about our expectations of our support team as well as what we plan to do for ourselves.

During early labor we intend to maintain our normal schedule, but we will alert everyone that the time is drawing near. Our children, Hilary and Benjamin, have been prepared for this day and will be accompanied by Carol Ham and Alyse Weiss for their support people. The children will be in and out during the entire process, having the freedom to come and go as Robin needs or as they wish.

Our house will be open to those awaiting the baby, however, we would prefer that you stay in the living room, front bathroom, and kitchen areas. Please help yourself to the telephone, computer, television, foldout bed, kitchen, etc. There is no smoking in our home. Also, strong perfumes and the like also aggravate our allergies, please keep them to a minimum.

Support is the intended mainstay for comfort measures, the use of our tub, massage, and relaxation are also very important. We are very flexible for the rest of the labor plans, and intend to see what works at the time.

Once the birth draws near, we would like to continue the quiet surroundings. As we found out last time babies come when they are ready, so we don't have one particular place designated for the birth. Although our bed will be made should the birth occur there. We aren't sure who we want to catch the baby. Kevin would be an ideal choice, but Robin reserves the right to do it herself. Hilary will be the one to announce the gender of the baby, although you may need to remind her to do so.

We would prefer that the cord be cut after it has stopped pulsating. Kevin or one of the children may like to do this, please offer this option. We would like to be present while you examine the placenta, for educational purposes. During the newborn exam, please do not hang our baby upside down or perform any chiropractic maneuvers without consulting us beforehand. Eye drops and vitamin K maybe done at this time, if this is the route we choose to go.

When everyone is settled, Kevin and Robin would like some time alone with the new baby, and possibly the other children. Although they have been busy making a "birthday" cake and might be more interested in that.

If it becomes necessary to transport to the hospital we have included a separate birth plan for the hospital.

Thank you very much for being a part of the birth.