Your doula bag is going to contain items that will be of use for you when you are assisting a family during a labor. What you need in your bag may vary from place to place, depending on what supplies the places of birth carry. For example, some hospitals and birth centers may already have plenty of standard birth balls, but not peanut balls. Here are some things that you might consider for your birth bag or recommending for clients in pregnancy. (Some of these may be Amazon affiliate links.)

Milliard Anti-Burst Peanut Ball Variety Pack – Approximate Sizes: Green 39x20″ (100x50cm) & Blue 31x15″ (80x40cm) Physio Roll This is a set of peanut balls. You get one 50cm and one 40cm. A 50cm is considered the standard size for most women, whereas you would use a 40cm for petiete women or women with shorter legs. This set comes with a hand pump and is made of anti-burst materials. There is also a pack of 40cm and 30cm peanut balls.

Proworks Anti-Burst Exercise Ball 65cm / 25.5″ Heavy Duty Fitness Ball with Pump (Silver) This is a standard 65cm physiotherapy or birth ball. This is designed for sitting and comfort in pregnancy and labor. You can also use it postpartum. These balls come in different sizes but the 65cm is a good starting point and will cover the majority of your clients. For longer legs or women over 5’7″ you would use a 75cm ball, and shorter legs or under 5’2″ you would use a 55cm ball. This includes a pump, and workout instructions, but is also anti-slip and anti-burst.

Lohee Rebozo ORIGINAL All Natural Fiber Rebozo for Doulas and Midwives (Mystic) A rebozo is a long piece of fabric that was traditionally used in Mexico to help carrying babies after they were born. Many doulas use them in a variety of ways to support birthing people. It can help alleviate pain and stress while in labor. Though not all rebozos are made alike. I like the Lohee Rebozo because it is incredibly soft and strong. Other rebozos can have very harsh fabrics which make it not pleasant for the laboring person. I often use the rebozo just to help myself stay warm in cold rooms while someone is in labor. So it’s also part personal care.

Solavae Deluxe Massage Ball Rollers Set of 2 Massage Therapy Tools(Teal) for Essential/Massage Oils and Lotion This quickly became one of my favorite massage tools. It allowed me to save my fingers and yet still give a great massage. This is a two pack because I promise you that you will want to keep one at home to tend to your sore doula muscles the day after a birth. These rollerballs have a spot to drop massage oil in to help spread it while you massage – I have honestly never felt like I needed to use that, but it is there.

Nukkles Easy to Use Hand Massage Tools (1 Pair), colors will vary Nukkles are another doula favorite. This also helps save your hands a bit after you’ve been massaging for awhile. This is a pair, one for each hand. They stack together for ease of backing in your birth bag.

SINOTOP Folding Pocket Frisbee Flyer with Pouch (Pack of 9) No, these aren’t frisbees or flying discs, okay they are, but that’s not what you use them for in a birth. These make great fans in labor and fold up really easily in your birth bag.

Body Back Company’s Scalp Massager 2-pack (Colors May Vary) This scalp massager is a really unique thing, but it’s awesome. It is great when you have a client who has a lot of wires hooked up, making her body less acceible for massaging without concern or pain. This scalp massager also requires little effort, even the laboring person can do it themselves. It sure looks a bit funny, but it feels great.

Coleman All Purpose 27 Piece First Aid Kit, Mini Travel Kit Don’t laugh that I have a first aid kit on here. It’s pretty cheap and has a crush proof contain for when it gets lost in the bottom of your bag. You won’t need it often, but when you do, you’ll be glad you have some bandages etc. at hand. As you use items, just refill the container for years to come.

Convenience Kits Women’s Garnier Fructis Deluxe 9-Piece Travel Kit A toiletry kit is a must-have in your doula bag. This is stuff just for you. When you’ve been up all night or had a stinky, garlic meal before you run to a birth, you’ll be glad you can brush your teeth. I bought a kit like this and took out the shampoo and replaced it with my ibuprofen and emergency medication stash. I also have a small bottle of mouthwash, hair ties, and a pair of nail clippers. You can add what you’ll like to your kit.