If you’ve decided that you want to give a gift to your midwife, doula, childbirth educator, or OB to say thank you for their support, you might wonder what works as a great gift. The truth is that a gift is absolutely not required. However, if you do want to give them something, here are a variety of ideas. Please note some of these are affiliate links.

Books are always a great idea. Many of these jobs have long lists of books if you’re working towards a certification or just interested in staying abreast in your field. For example, many birth professionals love keeping a copy of the Labor Progress Handbook which gets updated every few years. You might also want to consider something not work-related. This might simply be a gift card for a local bookstore or even a subscription to a magazine.

Uterus Lapel Pin Womb Service I Heart Guts This funny pin is a great for her everyday or even birth outfits. The uterus and ovary pin is a great source of conversation and shows a slightly humorous side.

Placenta Baby’s First Roommate Designer Plush Figure I Heart Guts – If you’re look for a great laugh and something to hang around the office, this stuffed placenta is great. It’s another conversation starter for sure and sometimes can double as a teaching aid.

I Love Lady Bits Button Set of 16 Buttons – I Heart Guts – These are a fun set of buttons. She can share this with her friends. And trust me, she’ll be the life of the party. My favorite is Ova Achiever!

Womens Midwives We Help People Out T-shirt Medium Black – This is a fun t-shirt for midwives. The colorful babies on the front with the playful message is sure to inspire and please.

I Love Lady Bits 3 Sheets of 11 Stickers – I Heart Guts – This is a lot of fun – who doesn’t love stickers? They are great to decorate your computer, your notebooks, your mail – a great gift of fun to last awhile. There are three sheets of these cute stickers.