There are certainly a list of common pregnancy symptoms that people anticipate they will experience with pregnancy or when they think that they might be pregnant. Here are the top seven things you might experience:

  • Missing Period

    Your period is the big red flag, no pun intended. When it stops, you notice. The blood that is normally shed every month is now being used as a nest of sorts for the growing baby and developing placenta.

  • Breast Changes

    One of the first things that happens when you become pregnant is a surge of hormones. This surge of hormones, particularly progesterone, produces a sensitivity in the breasts. Sometimes you will notice that your breasts increase in size and become painful to the touch. Even wearing a bra can be painful.

  • Queasy Feeling

    While morning sickness is something that gets a lot of press play, this doesn’t really adequately describe what’s going on. You can feel ill all day and not throw up, you can throw up and feel instantly relieved, or some combination of the two feelings. Sometimes eating actulaly can make the symptoms better, while other times it makes it worse.

  • Change in Sense of Smell

    Your nose might become way more sensitive. Your favorite fragrances might all of a sudden make your stomach churn. You may also notice that foods don’t smell right anymore. This can lead to you thinking that the food you have has gone bad when it hasn’t.

  • Food Aversions

    Your favorite foods might make you feel like hurling, even if you are hungry. Sometimes it’s only certain categories of foods like coffee or alcohol. Some say that this is a protective effort on the part of pregnancy as your baby develops.

  • Feeling Bloated

    While the first trimester often seems little if any weight gain, it’s not unusual to feel heavy. Sometimes you might describe it as feeling like your period will start any moment.

  • Delayed Period

    Your period might actually show up, which may lead you to believe that you aren’t pregnant. The truth is that any delay in the period or other anomaly can indicate that you should try a pregnancy test. Your may have a short period or a light period. If you have other symptoms of pregnancy, a pregnancy test will help you decipher the clues your body is giving you.